About Us


Accenture Auto began as a one stop shop in Dubai Industrial Park 2 in 2012. Owner and managing director, Bijoy started the business after spending more than a decade working at automotive care centres in UAE and in his native, India. Since inception, Accenture Auto has relentlessly improved services to better meet customer needs.

This has helped us register impressive growth in even the challenging years of 2020 and 2021. Positive word of mouth and referrals have been helping us add new clientele on a regular basis. Today, we service more than 20 corporate and 400 private clients on a regular basis. This has given us the confidence to add a second location in Dubai Industrial City in 2020. 

Services We Provide

At our care centres, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. Each of these services is delivered by a team trained in the technology used by the brand. So, if you are using a Scania truck, you can rest assured that a technician trained in Scania will be attending to your vehicle.

If you wish to know more about our services, our facilities, quality protocols, billing mechanism or any other aspect, please feel free to write to us at the email ID below. In case, you wish to schedule  an appointment with us, please click the link below to visit the relevant page.

Our Work Ethic

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We are transparent in our commitments and dealings with clients. Being transparent helps our clients plan their priorities and contingency plans better. 

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In logistics, time means money. An idle vehicle is not just loss of opportunity but a tangible loss as well. We therefore ensure that we deliver vehicle on time, every time

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We are in the business for our customers. Satisfaction of customer needs is not just our motto but also our only way to achieve sustainable, long term growth


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We do not believe in quick fixes, as the client always ends up paying more. We therefore think long term fixes and solutions as a matter of habit. 

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We are unrelenting in our pursuit of quality. So, we check, double check and then recheck our own work all over again, to ensure high quality services at all times.

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We work smartly and with fewer overheads. This allows us to offer competitive prices to all our clients as a matter of protocol.


Why Choose Us.png

We know that you always have the choice of the service network of dealers and other auto care firms. We also know that you would have questions in your mind on our differentiation and edge over others in case you have not used our services so far. Let us explain why we are a better and smarter choice:

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We maintain full compliance with the manufacturers log book for servicing. This ensures that your vehicle meets rigorous standards of servicing set by the manufacturer. Further, we will explain in detail the recommendations of the manufacturer and repairs or replacements that have been identified. We will let you choose and explain the pros and cons of your decision. 
For example, the manufacturer may recommend that the coolant and brake fluid be replaced “at periodic times”. We have the equipment to test these fluids and gauge whether they do in fact, require replacement.

10. Technician Skillset.png


Our technicians are extremely skilled at their work. They come with years of experience at our auto care centre and outside as well. Further, they are trained in the technology of various brands. So, if you walk in with an Audi, you can rest assured that a technician trained in Audi attends to your vehicle. We are able to achieve this by recruiting our technicians smartly. Further, we undertake regular training programs for our technicians to ensure that they are well versed with the technology of other brands as well.

12. Documentation.png


All servicing is carried out to the highest standard and fully documented. Service documents and records are maintained for your vehicle in our database. So, our technicians have the history of the vehicle in place, which will allow them to make the right decision on servicing or repairs in future.

Above all, what might end up surprising you is that we are able to do all this at a considerably lower cost than other service centres. We manage to do this through:

  1. We do not have expensive overheads like real estate, excessive staff, fancy facades etc. Our premises are simple and workshop remains functional. However, we continuously invest in our technical equipment and training. 

  2. Secondly, our approach is tailored to meet your specific requirements. We only recommend those services, spares or expenses that are required to meet your actual needs, unlike other dealers, who may recommend changes that may not be needed at all.

  3. We shun the “replacement mentality” of other dealers – we aim to repair components if possible, as long as it does not affect safety and stability of the vehicle. This ensures lower servicing costs than most other dealers. 

  4. We pass on the benefit of choice in spare parts. Unlike other dealers, we are not bound to one spare parts supplier. We are able to source genuine parts from suppliers across the region and internationally to ensure we acquire quality parts at the best possible price for our customer. We can also purchase genuine parts from the manufacturer, carrying the premium price. Our flexibility enables us to pass on the benefit of choice to our customers.