Preventive Maintenance

Undertaking preventive maintenance at regular intervals ensures that the vehicle is in a healthy condition at all times. For this, we have developed a strong and rigorous process that abides by latest international standards.  We ensure that each of our technicians follows the process / checklist without any exceptions whatsoever. As a result, we are able to deliver a high quality of service on every vehicle that lands at our care centres. 

Body Repairs

As the condition of vehicular body affects structural integrity and consequently, safety of the vehicle, we take special care to ensure that our body repair process follows the latest international standards. So, whenever you assign your body repairs work to Accenture Auto, you can rest assured that the vehicle's body will be restored to 'as good as new' condition.

Tyre Services & Replacement

The condition of tyres is a critical determinant of the safety and stability of a vehicle. We have a dedicated tyre specialist team who advise our customers on the quality of tyres, whether it needs replacement and the time when a replacement may be needed. They will also be able to diagnose problems with either driving habits or vehicle condition that may be causing unusual wear and tear in tyres. Also, whenever we replace tears, we conduct a thorough wheel alignment and wheel balancing checks to ensure that the driving conditions remain the best and safest.

Pre-Owned Car Valuation

One of the biggest challenges for the buyer of any pre-owned car is identifying the true value of the car, taking into account the actual condition of the car. At Accenture Auto, we can help you by conducting a rigorous test to assess the actual condition and consequently, the value of the car. This will help you in the getting the best deal possible.