Owner & Managing Director

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Bijoy Kozhampurath is the founder and managing director of Accenture Auto. He started Accenture Auto in 2012 after a long and successful career in the automotive service industry across India and the United Arab Emirates.

Bijoy began his career with KTC Automobiles in 1997, one of the largest dealers and service agents for Hyundai passenger cars in India.  At KTC, Bijoy managed the overall functioning of the service centre and ensured that it met customer requirements and internal service standards of Hyundai. He also managed and trained a team of technicians at the service centre.

Over a period, he was also assigned the responsibility of marketing the spares and services business of Hyundai passenger cars to visiting customers. 

Bijoy went through multiple and extensive training programs on Hyundai Passenger Cars at the company's main production facility on the outskirts of Chennai, India. The nature of training included technical training, servicing standards, parts information, customer FAQs, shop-floor management and other crucial aspects of the service delivery process.

In 2005, he moved to the UAE to join Al Shirawi Enterprises, one of the largest dealers for Scania Trucks & Buses in the region. At Al Shirawi Enterprises, he was designated Product Support Engineer. In this role, Bijoy assigned and supervised equipment operators and labourers in specific repair and maintenance tasks. He also ensured  that maintenance practices, policies and procedures of the organisation were followed precisely. One of his key roles was to monitor individual employees, set performance goals, evaluate employee performance and guiding them to better performing their roles in line with stated job definition. Above all, he was responsible for troubleshooting any problems at the shop-floor and addressing them in the best way possible. 

At Al Shirawi Enterprises, Bijoy underwent a series of training programs on Scania Products and Processes:

  • Training with Scania in Soderjdele, Sweden for the new version of Scania Trucks along with higher level training for foremanship

  • Visited various automobile dealers in Sweden & Germany to learn from global best practices on servicing Scania products

  • Underwent special Scania Professional Management training I & II Module.

  • Underwent special technical training programs at Regional Training Centre in Dubai

After a long and successful stint at Al Shirawi Enterprises, Bijoy started Accenture Auto in 2012. Today, Accenture Auto has two major service outlets at Dubai Investment Park 2 and Dubai Industrial City and employs a team of 40 direct and indirect staff across technical, marketing, sales and business support functions.

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In addition to managing the overall business and bottom-lines of Accenture Auto, Bijoy plays an active role in providing strategic vision and in re-orienting the service mix to better meet customer needs. He also takes an active interest in the performance of individual team members and ensuring that it meets the required service standards. If you wish to correspond with Bijoy directly on your service requirements, please write to him at the below mentioned link.